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One of the largest water-based paint manufacturer in China

Hebei Chenyang Industry & Trade Group Co., Ltd is a large-scale group company, which integrates manufacturing of water-based paint、capital operation、electronic commerce、domestic cleaning services、building materials trade and engineering construction into one whole, located in chenyang street, xushui county, the economic golden triangle hinterland of beijing-tianjin-shijiazhuang. Covers an area of 15 square meters, with total assets more than billions dollars.

Chenyang group has an annual production capacity up to 125000 tons of environmental friendly water-based paint, with international leading level, the largest full water paint production enterprise, as one demonstration unit, won the national financial support for energy conservation emission reduction in the green industry. Also the undertaker of the national 863 project "wind blade protective coating" project. Chenyang group is the key enterprises in Hebei province, the pillar enterprise of local financial, the designated coatings supplier of Olympic project, was regarded as the demonstration promotion unit of the priority project in “Three years of big change” in Hebei Province, the demonstration of the projects "Existing Building Energy-saving", Hebei enterprise technology center supporting unit, Hebei water-based coating engineering technology research center supporting unit, the sponsors of water-based coating in china.

The country's most professional water paint products

  • Water based architectural paints

  • Paint Couples (grade putty)

  • Waterborne industrial coatings

  • Waterborne Wood Coatings

  • Willow waterborne paint

  • Waterborne resins

The products won “China Environmental Labeling Product Certification”, "China Classification Society Certification”, "EU SGS", "German TUV", "CCCF China's Fire Product Quality Certification", "CTC China Building Materials Certification" and etc. We also passed ISO9001 International Quality System Certification, GB/T28001 Occupational Health Safety Management System Certification.

More than 50

We have a world-class technology products

Water paint products with water as a diluent, non-toxic, odorless, non-flammable non-explosive, and have to save energy, prevent pollution, reduce harmful emissions and other characteristics, is a national twelfth five-year plan focused on supporting and encouraged industries.
Lacquer paint is water for human survival needs replacing, the inevitable trend of the development of science and technology.
Product market covers applications in machinery manufacturing, hardware appliances, automotive industry, construction industry, furniture, home and casting, bridges, ships, containers, railway and so on.
My company has more than 50 patents, products, technology living in the international advanced level.

 Fighting for the future, for the sake of posterity

Chen Yang Group enthusiastic support of social welfare undertakings, the country has participated in various activities, donor assistant, student poverty, is a model of harmonious enterprise in Hebei Province and representatives.
Chen Yang Group's corporate mission is to lead the Chinese coating industry, optimizing the global environment, the protection of human health.
Chenyang people look forward to working and develop together with you, common take up the revitalization of national waterborne paint in the future, to establish and maintain a livable environment efforts, Fighting for the endless proliferation of human health。

 Leading China's coating industryOptimize global ecological environmentProtecting human Physical and mental health