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Question:How to Paint Wood Floors?

Description:Painting Wood Floors

The thought of painting their unfinished wood floors is not acceptable to most people. However if the floor isn’t in a very good condition, it makes lot of sense to paint it.

You can follow this step-by-step guide to paint your wooden floor:

1、Firstly sand and clean the wooden surface that is to be painted. Sanding the floor which is to be painted will clear it of any old paint or polyurethane coating it might have had. A thorough cleaning of the surface will ensure that any kind of dust or debris that might be sticking to the surface is removed. If the floor was previously waxed then use a wax remover to remove the wax from the surface.

2、 If there are any kinds of gaps or damage to the floorboard then repair them with a wood-filler.

3、Apply primer to the surface of the wood with the help of a primer. Tinted primers are also available if you are looking for floors that have a dark colour.

4、 Paint the Wooden Surface. Before you begin applying paint to the floorboard please ensure that the primer is completely dry. Use an oil-based paint and once the first layer of paint is dry apply the second coat. When you begin painting make sure you start from the corner else you will paint yourself into a corner in the room.

5、After you have applied two coats of paint. You must apply at least three coats of polyurethane. This will keep the floorboards in good condition.

Painting your floor is an inexpensive way of maintaining your floor. When you decide to paint your floor you may like to use a design or pattern, you could use a stencil or design pattern or come up with your own pattern.

Before you start painting your floor think carefully or as once painted, it is difficult to remove the paint. It is quite tedious and messy. You may also feel like calling professionals as they would definitely do a better job and suggest better options or tell you what kind of pattern would look good on the floor.

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