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Question:How to Paint The Ceiling With A Roller?

Description:Tips For Painting The Ceiling With A Roller

1、Use a brush to paint a strip about 50mm wide round the outside edge of the ceiling; a roller cannot reach right into angles or corners.

2、Pour paint into the roller tray; don’t put in too much at a time or you risk overloading the roller and splashing paint out of the tray.

3、Dip the roller in and pull it back so there is paint at the shallow end of the tray. Push the roller back and forth in the paint at the shallow end.

4、Run the roller over the ceiling so there is a band of paint next to The strip of paint you have brushed along the edge of the ceiling

5、Reverse the roller’s direction so you join up the two strips of paint into one band. Then finish off by running the roller over the band.

6、Now start the next section by running the roller alongside the completed band. Work your way round the ceiling in bands.

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