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Question:How to Remove Paint from Hair?

Description:there are some sure-proof methods to get paint out of your hair

If you've ever done a paint job, then you know how easily paint splashes and splatters can end up in your hair! Fortunately, this is not the end of the world since there are some sure-proof methods to get paint out of your hair and to remedy this bad-hair-day crisis without running off to join a monastery, hiding under a hat, hibernating in your room until new hair grows in, or wearing a wig...

Depending on the type of paint used (water-based or oil-based), here is how to remove paint from your hair:

- To remove water-based paint, wash your hair with clarifying shampoo and rinse, repeating the process until all paint specks are gone.

- To remove oil-based paint, spread a generous amount of olive oil on the painted area of your hair and let it sit for a few minutes; once the paint softens and lifts more easily, comb hair with a fine-tooth comb; wash hair thoroughly, using a clarifying shampoo for a deep cleanse; shampoo and rinse again until hair is no longer greasy.

Moreover, you can use olive oil to help remove any paint from any part of your body. Not only does olive oil effectively soften paint and make it easy to remove, but olive oil is a natural moisturizer which softens your skin in the process.

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