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Question:Interior Painting Problems: Poor Flow and Leveling?

Description:Poor flow and leveling occur when paint fails to dry to a smooth film, which results in unsightly brush and roller marks after the paint dries


Using lower-quality paint can lead to this problem. In addition to the quality of the paint, a number of other things can cause poor flow and leveling:

Applying additional paint to "touch up" partially dried areas.

Re-brushing or re-rolling partially dried areas.

Using the wrong type of roller cover or poor quality brush.


Top-quality latex paints are generally formulated with ingredients that enhance paint flow. Brush and roller marks thus tend to "flow out" and form a smooth film.

When using a roller, be sure to use a cover with the recommended nap length for the type of paint you are applying.

A high-quality brush is a must, since a poor brush can result in bad flow and leveling with any paint.

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