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Heating radiator paint
Heating radiator paint————Refined by imported resin through the modern technology, dilute with water, poison-free and odor-free, environmental health products .
LusterAccording to the customer's need.
ColorAccording to the GB color card, or provided by the customer.


1、Film plump,high temperature resistant;

2、High adhesion;

3、Dilute with water,do not contain any organic solvent;

4、Do not contain benzene,such as formaldehyde carcinogen,poison-free and odor-free.

Operating instruction

The coated surfaces are clean,no oil,no rust,dry,strong.

Do thoroughly processing and polishing for original paint before the construction.

Necessary stylish radiator should remove rust,dust,and coating Chenyang protection primer.

Diluted with proper water,do not add water more than 10%,and stirred uniformly before construction.

Coating two times,recoating time is not less than four hours,if air temperature is lower humidity is heavy,recoating time will extend accordingly.

When construction keep good ventilated environment.

The construction temperature must be more than 5 ℃,relative humidity must be less than 80%.Do not construct when the temperature is low and the humidity is high.

When construction,do not mixed with other coatings and organic solvents,in case of metamorphism.


Hazard statements/Irritating to eyes,may cause skin allergy.

Preventive Action/Avoid breathing dust,fumes,gas,smoke,steam,spray.Wear protective equipment in use,wash hands and other contact parts after the operation.Prohibit discharging into the environment.

Incident Response/In the case of contacting with skin (hair):Wash immediately with plenty of soap and water.In case of contact with eyes,rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical aid.If skin irritation or rash occurs:a doctor.

Safe storage/Avoid direct sunlight.Stored in a well-ventilated place and keep the container tightly sealed.Separate from acids, alkalis, strong oxidants, food and animal.

Waste disposal/Dispose of any paint waste in accordance with the appropriate local Environmental Regulations (please refer to product safety data sheet before use).