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Thousands painters medical examination public welfare activities started in Beijing

Desription:August 13, Chenyang company organized "thousands painters medical examination " in beijing

August 13, Chenyang company  organized "thousands painters medical examination".This public welfare activities will be in Beijing as a pilot, free physical examination for Beijing area of the painter, screening of painters occupational status, and eventually extended to the whole country, free physical examination number more than one thousand people, is the current domestic large painter examination of the public welfare activities.

Liu Tong,assistant to the president,said at the start,chenyang waterborne paint held "thousands painters medical examination" public welfare activities, at the same time to form painters master club, is focused on the painters' health at the same time promote environmental protection knowledge popularization of waterborne paint, promote the development of beijing-tianjin-hebei coating industry upgrading.

According to the staff, since the activity start signing up, painters to free physical examination more than 500 people,by chenyang waterborne paint store recommend in the Beijing area. After painters fill out a medical form, then organized by chenyang waterborne paint to ciming checkup center for occupational disease check in Beijing.

Chairman Liu Shanjiang said, "thousands painters medical examination" public welfare activities is the concrete embodiment of that chenyang waterborne paint feedback the society. To the whole society to popularize water paint environmental health knowledge, promote the waterborne coating process is in the field of more duty-bound chenyang waterborne paint. Chenyang water paint will continue to increase scientific research innovation, improving key technology research and development and research ability, promote the paint industry transformation and upgrading.


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