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Hebei Chenyang Industrial & Trade Group Co., Ltd Technology Center was founded in 2001

 which is now Hebei province enterprise technology center and Hebei province water paint engineering technology research center,also the core of Hebei Chenyang Industrial & Trade Group Co., Ltd technological innovation activities. The center has the first-class equipments for the research and development of the waterborne paint, with the advanced detection ability and powerful scientific research strength,training a large number of key technicians for enterprises and social.

Our Team

 Technology Center now has 156 researchers, including 2 Doctors, besides set up the technical committees as the central decision-making, supervision, consultants, and regulatory agencies. The center includes innovative decision-making system, innovative management systems, innovative R & D system, and innovative support system.The Technology Center building area is 2,000 square meter, the investment is more than 15 million yuan, with the necessary equipment for detecting the various performance of waterborne paint products in Chenyang test center. We can independently test more than 20 items waterborne paint conventional indicators, such as viscosity, hardness, salt spray resistance, and also can detect the content of various harmful heavy metals (lead, cadmium, chromium, mercury, etc.) and organic compounds (benzene, aldehydes, etc).

R & D and Patented

So far, the Technology Center developed more than 30 items of scientific and technological projects, undertake the provincial level project 4 items, municipal scientific research task 1 item.Among them, the "new type water energy saving building paint project" as the key industry revitalization and technical renovation project in Hebei province.

Patented 23 items completely. Including "a kind of wind-power blades putty and process", "a kind of wind-power fluorocarbon paint and process", "a kind of moistureproof and mouldproof paint and process" and so on.

  Products is for the domestic and foreign first, technology is for the international advanced

Awarded the provincial science and technology achievements 17 items for "moistureproof and mouldproof paint", " engineering caterpillar dipping paint ","architectural reflective thermal insulation coatings"and so on,all of them reached the leading domestic level.The "water soluble alkyd resin" research results won the second prize of scientific and technological progress in Baoding city, The "water-based metal protective paint", "water wickerwork paint" and "waterborne epoxy anticorrosive paint" get  scientific and technological progress first prize in Baoding city, The "water-based metal protective paint" also won the scientific and technological progress third prize in Hebei province.Research and application of wind power tower waterborne anticorrosion paint , through the China petroleum and chemical industry federation expert group evaluation, products is for the domestic and foreign first, technology is for the international advanced."Science and technology constitute a primary productive force.", Hebei Chenyang Industrial & Trade Group Co., Ltd Technology Center will bring R & D advantage into full play in new products, new technologies, new techniques and new equipments, take on the mission of enterprise innovation, and constantly improve and perfect the mechanism of innovation, and strive to make a due contribution of the development of the water paint industry and the national energy conservation and emissions reduction.

  The success research and development products

The success research and development products in technology center are also have : water marine paint, water-based wood paint, water glass paint and etc.Among them, water marine paint passed the China Classification Society Certification. In currently ,with Beijing university of aeronautics and astronautics,we are joint researching and developing multi-spectrum camouflage paint, namely water stealthy paint. The center is also undertake unit of water wind-power blade paint national "863" plan project.        

school-enterprise cooperation

Chenyang technology center with many colleges and universities to establish cooperation,together to research waterborne paint.Cooperation with hebei university to research “the synthesis and application of antirust pigment” “functional waterborne epoxy - alkyd resin paint”; Cooperation with Beijing Institute of Chemical Engineering to research “high weatherability industrial waterborne paint.

National industry standard

Technology center and the China coating industry associated to establish the water wickerwork paint industry standard. In addition, our company technology research and development personnel published 15 papers and articles in" the Chinese Paint ", "the Modern Paint and Finishing" , and have the monograph 4 books.